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About me

Hello and welcome to the work from home series website.  My name is Grace Carlisle, and it is my goal to help more people achieve the work life balance they deserve and work from home or wherever they want to.  In particular, I want to help parents create a work from home life, to work flexibly around their families instead of feeling outcast by a corporate environment.  For too long, the only option to pay bills and mortgages was to put children in childcare and miss out on all the important days, appointments and milestones.  We should be earning money to live the life we want with families and loved ones in the centre, not living to work and running a home in the nooks and cranny’s of every day life.  If you’ve had enough of this thinking, then you’re in the right place.

We life in an age where most things we do involve a computer or device that is connected to the internet, so we should also therefore not have to sit in a particular place for a strict amount of hours to do it.

I also think that more people should earn their true value, rather than accepting their time for money value and I have created this website to help you achieve that.  If you create something of value for other people there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get paid for that with each new person you help with that information.

I also think however that not a lot of people know how to go about creating this lifestyle and that’s why I’ve created this website.  Essentially, to work from home or earn money online in a residual way that will pay your residual bills, you need a system.  A system works while you sleep, it earns while you work and while you play, there are many ways to create this and I look at a few of them in my blog.

I’m also a strong advocate for network marketing to help more people achieve independence and create a system that will pay them for work in flexible hours, around family life or other commitments.  However the company you choose is very important and must align with your own values and morals.  I made the decision to do this as it offered a ‘ready made’ system for me, and I enjoy this type of work aswell.

We have all been conditioned to limit our beliefs of what’s possible in life, what our earnings should be, what we’re worth, how many days holidays we deserve etc.  It’s time to lift the lid on those beliefs and claim what’s rightfully ours, I’d love for you to join me and watch my video blogs as I share my screen and lift the lid on some of the most popular questions that hold people back from making the leap and starting their own work from home freedom.

Thanks for reading,