Five ways to make money online

Five ways to make money online

In this video I look at 5 key ways to make money online and therefore work from home

So lets get started…

  1. Do you really need a website?

It depends on what you want to do, and that’s probably why you’re here!

If you want to sell items in online marketplaces then you could get by with an amazon or ebay account, however as your business grows, you may find yourself needing a professional place to display information about you and your products.



You may be thinking about network marketing, in which case your website may be provided by the company, however if you don’t want to sell to your warm market, then once again, you may need a website to represent you and let people find out about you.

Isn’t it expensive?

Websites can either take lots of time as you learn your expertise, or you can pay for expertise to get up and running quickly.  My video series shows you how to create your own website step by step so you can do it on a very low budget.

Don’t I need a large team?

No, you can outsource things you don’t have time to learn, however most activities can be done by one person and understanding how they’re done helps you out in the long term anyway even if you outsource further down the line.

Do I need to be tech savvy?

It depends on the tutorial.  I take you through things one stay at a time and you will see for yourself that anyone can learn how to do it, especially via a video you can repeat over until you’ve completed each task.

2) Traditional way of working

The traditional 9 – 5 routing of a 40 hour working week for 40 years in a race to retirement is fading.  More and more people every year are deciding that there’s more to life than living to work.

In 2014, Upwork reported that over 50 million people freelance from home in USA

It’s no longer frowned upon and people are claiming their right to a better work life balance.

Working from home allows you to spend time with people you actually care about, achieve flexibility so you can work around family, other commitments or when it suits you.


  1. The first method I’m going to look at is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you get a reward, or commission on customers or products sold by a company as a result of your efforts.

An example could be, you have a fitness blog and have an affiliate link to a weight loss product.  When that company sells products to people who clicked on that link, you get a commission

  • Create a blog on your favourite topic
  • Visit and find products that support your topic
  • Banner ads
  • Other affiliate companies


2) Online courses

Coose your topic, use some keyword research to see what people are struggling with around that topic

You can do this by going to and typing in your topic and seeing what suggestions google puts in below your keyword.  I’ll do another training just around this point to demonstrate it better.

You may think that only a few people in your area would be interested in a particular topic, however when you think in terms of the 7 million people on this planet, you can build up a really big audience with a specific topic because of the internet.

Once you’ve decided what you want to offer a course on, you divide it into main points, then create a lesson plan around each point, in my video course, I know that to create a website, you need to get a domain name and hosting, so I’m creating videos on each of those main points.

You can deliver your course via video series, wedomars, tele-seminars, on location retreats or whatever method excites you.

3) E-Books

It used to be that you wrote a book and after pouring your heart and soul into it, you had to try to get it published.   But now, you can publish your own book and list it on amazon and with itunes etc

You promote it via your website or drive traffic from facebook or another source to your landing page.

I’m also creating another video on landing pages and email lists to explain them in more detail.

4 ) Online coaching

If you are here, I bet you are an expert in something, it can be anything!

You just need to show others how to do what you do and share your knowledge.

You can use a landing page to attract other people who want to know about what you offer and then offer coaching around the subject.

It can be group coaching, one to one coaching, via email, telephone, skype …

The difference between coaching and online courses is really the interaction between you and the people you’re helping.

5)  Network marketing

This is my personal favourite because it lets you build a system that replicates and builds on itself without you doing all the work all the time.

The key here is to choose the right company as a LOT of companies doing this don’t see past their 5th year in business.  You want to look for a company that has been going for a minimum of 10 years and has a proven record.

You also want to find a company with products for a growing marketplace, like the health and wellness sector.  People are living longer and want to look younger and improve their health.  Governments all over the world are educating people how to avoid sugar, exercise more and improve their well being, which in turn is growing that marketplace.

You also want to choose the right person to join through.  Going straight for the biggest name isn’t always the best tactic because you want them to have time to support you.  You also want them to be in the company long enough to have the experience to help and guide you too so I think this is important.

I personally have a business with Forever Living products because they ticked all those boxes for me and we have an active membership only website, and facebook groups to support our new members so if you want more information on that please feel free to contact me on the email below.  This business does a few things for me, it’s my ‘system’ to make sure there’s always money coming in as the people I introduced to the company are introducing more people and whether I spend the same amount of time on it or now, it still produces an income.  It’s a great ‘plan b’ for anyone who’s self-employed and also a good pension option while I also enjoy my online businesses and provide marketing services.

So, what you need to work from home?

A system that works while you sleep – If you don’t want to trade time for money, your home based business needs to be generating you an income when you’re not spending time on it.

A Blog / website to showcase your product and attract clients / customers unless you’re in network marketing, however if you want to build an international team then I think it’s still a big help.

An Email List of prospective customers, that you can contact when you release a new product or service

You need something to sell, i.e. a product or service / informational or otherwise to sell

A Landing page, this is the pages that have an email signup and an offer usually on them that encourages you to share your email address with the person in return for the information you’re requesting.

Lastly, you need an Irresistible offer, this can be an info product, like a pdf on something, or membership to your site, or inclusion in your secret facebook group etc.

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